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Your gateway to the ultimate fantasy esports adventure
Begin your journey in the electrifying world of Apex Legends, the first of many realms in our expanding universe. Realm combines skill-based gaming with unparalleled opportunities for fans and pros to engage, compete, and earn.
Our Mission
At Realm, we're more than a game;
we're a community.
Our mission is to deepen fan engagement with skill-based gaming, offering an innovative platform where fans and professional players alike can grow, compete, and earn. By participating in Realm, you're not just playing; you're contributing to a new era of esports, where players can achieve recognition and reward beyond traditional tournament winnings.
Our Mission
In Game Rewards
Rewards for
Fantasy Managers
As you climb the ranks in Realm, not only do you gain prestige and recognition, but you also unlock the potential for incredible rewards. Achieve fantasy management greatness and win prizes like:
Exclusive Trips to LAN Events
Experience the thrill of live esports with all-expenses-paid trips to major LAN events.
Weekly Prizes from Sponsors
From cutting-edge gaming PCs to essential gaming accessories, our sponsors equip you with everything you need for a superior gaming experience.
Types of cards
Your Competitive Journey
Enter the fray for free with Common player cards, your first step towards Realm glory.
Elevate your game with Sapphire Cards, available for purchase, trade, or win in tournaments. Limited to 1,000 per player, they unlock Sapphire Level Tournaments.
With only 100 Diamond Cards per player, secure yours through victories in Sapphire tournaments or direct purchases, accessing elite competitions.
Obsidian Cards, the penultimate tier, are incredibly rare with only 10 of each player available. These cards represent the zenith of strategy and are obtained through the most challenging tournaments.
Unique Cards, the epitome of prestige, can only be won in top-tier tournaments or traded on the secondary marketplace, symbolizing the pinnacle of your Realm journey.
Economic Empowerment
Realm's marketplace isn't just for trading
It's a thriving economy where players earn from sales and enjoy a cut from secondary transactions, driving a vibrant community commerce.
What's Next?
While Apex Legends is just the beginning, Realm is set to introduce a myriad of games into our fantasy esports world. Stay tuned for an expanding roster of titles that promise endless excitement and challenges.
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Realm is more than a game — it's a movement. Here, esports passion meets fantasy strategy, creating a world where every decision can lead to glory and tangible rewards. Step into Realm, where your mastery of fantasy esports can turn into real-world prizes and experiences. Welcome to the future of fantasy esports.