Realm FAQ

You can create an event on Realm in a matter of minutes!

You can simply click Create Event on the Lobby or on your My Events page. Fill out the required information on the Create Event form, choose your subscription level, and you're done!

Realm allows one event per 24 hours and has all dates that conflict with ALGS blocked off. Otherwise, you're free to schedule your event any time!

In order for your event to take place, we require a minimum of 15 teams signed up to participate in your event.

Once you have successfully created your event, you will be directed to the Private Lobby Codes page. This page will give you a main lobby code and a backup code in the case that there are issues with the main lobby. You can also access these codes by clicking the button on your My Events page.

Access to private lobbys on Realm are Free!

However, when your event is live you’ll most often have problems keeping score, dealing with team name typos, players using different accounts on the same team, and infamous problems with lag in servers. Our Premium system gives you the tools to manage an event effectively for as little as $24.99 USD per event.

Want to host an entire event series and get advanced stats on your participants? Sign up for the Enterprise Subscription Option and get unlimited events!

The lobby will open at the time you set your event up. Simply enter the code you received when you registered. Or if you need to reference the code again find it by clicking the button on your My Events page.

The lobby will open as long as you meet the minimum event participant requirement. You must have at least 15 teams sign up prior to your event going live.

For professional players, scrims already exist. If you are looking to host events with your friends or community, this is a great place to start!

All you need to get started is a Realm account and a community of people you'd like to take part in your event!

Yes. Sign up, fill out the required event form material.

The Realm Enterprise subscription gives you access to all tools on the Relam Platform. This includes creating full event series.

Set up your event series by planning dates for your competitions. Create each individual event and link them to your series in the Realm dashboard. This adds each event to your series dashboard and will track the combined scores and stats of the entire series. This includes advanced stats on each team and player that takes part in your events!

Yes. You will not receive admin lobby codes. You will receive participant codes and one member of your team will admin your lobby. This will not be forever, as private lobbies will open up as announced by EA.