Tri Legends Woo Gang Tournament WooDangPig

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  • Date
  • Time
  • Duration
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  • Apex Legends
  • Jul/18/2021
  • 01:00 pm EST
  • 3 Hour(s)
  • Private Lobby
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  • ALGS
  • $0


This tournament is to give smaller streamers an opportunity to experience private tournaments and get exposure to the apex competitive scene. This event will be particularly to get players from different rankings and match them together (Pred/Master, Plat/Diamond/ and below gold) so that the tournament is fair across. This will also be good learning experience and networking experience for the apex community.


20 total teams: All 60 participants will be recruited based on rank and average damage from the past two seasons. 1. 6 games (Maps TBD). 2. Placement points are based on the ALGS point system. 3. Same team for all games. 4. 1 point per kill. 5. No Revenant allowed. 6. No Banner Camping allowed Placement point system: 1st - 12 points 2nd - 9 points 3rd - 7 points 4th - 5 points 5th - 4 points 6th, 7th - 3 points 8th to 10th - 2 points 11th to 15th - 1 point 16th - 20th - 0 points


In the ALGS point method, participants will be scored on kill points and have the placement multiplier added.
Teams Registered
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